Networking Security

There has been a rave of new technology regarding security as of late. One of the greatest achievements in security has been IP Technology and IP Security Cameras. The great thing about IP security is that each device actually “sits” on your local network like a printer, scanner, or PC.

IP Security is here to stay. You’ll notice ALL of the big manufacturers are going this route such as Hikvision, Dahua, Lorex, Flir, Honeywell, and many others. The reason being is with IP Security Systems they are easier to setup and manage than the older Analog Cameras. With IP Cameras – each camera, once connected to the network, will obtain its own unique IP Address. With this IP Address you can actually remote into the camera and configure certain settings. Such as; Record Time, Motion Detection, Night Vision Timers, Resolutions, and you can statically assign each camera to a reserved IP Address.

This newer technology makes it easier for Technicians and Installers to install, maintain, and troubleshoot problems if any arise. Another great thing about IP Cameras is the number of Cameras you can have. It’s virtually limitless depending of the size of the NVR you get. But, incase you do run out of NVR space for cameras you can just purchase and network another one into the LAN. Also, with basic POE (Power over Ethernet) switch you can plug in the cameras to the switch and get power without an additional power cable. This makes IP Camera systems so much better to work with and overall, generally, less expensive in the long term.

Another thing about IP cameras is that they all run over Cat5 or Cat6 Network Cable. Yes, it’s true. No more old bulky coaxial cable. This makes setting your NVR up in a network closet so much easier and better. Because, now all installers have to do is run the cabling to the same location as the network equipment. IP Security is here to stay and that’s a good thing.

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