Is Solar Right For You?

The energy that Earth receives from the sun every day can be captured with the use of different pieces of technology like photovoltaics or the so-called solar panels. Its most important quality is the fact that it is renewable and practically inexhaustible. Unlike other sources of energy (coal etc.), it is harmless to our planet, which is why people and businesses should consider investing in this type of energy.

Preserving Earth’s resources isn’t the only incentive when it comes to solar power. From a financial standpoint, it’s a great deal. Introducing solar panels to a building works to decrease the electricity bills because the energy collected from the sun is free! The amount of this reduction depends on various factors like the number and capability of the panels used, location, climate and so on. A small number of panels will reduce the electricity costs, throw in a few more and you might stop paying for electricity altogether.

Solar energy has the potential to earn your business money. Any energy that is produced by your panels and is not used or stored can be sold to your local power company. This means that all energy produced on weekends and holidays will turn you a profit.

One aspect of solar energy may at first seem repellent and that is the cost of purchase and installation. When you consider the long term results however, you’ll quickly realize that solar energy is worth the investment after all. Certain tax breaks are available, which will help decrease your expenses.

But is solar right for you? You need to acknowledge a few things first. Solar energy comes from the sun, which means that you need to be in a state where it’s predominantly sunny throughout the year. States like North Carolina have over 200 sunny days annually, which makes them suitable for this type of energy harvesting. It’s important to note that cloudy days will decrease the efficiency dramatically. This is why complete independence from the electric companies is rather hard to achieve.

The location of the building is also key to making the most out of your solar panels. Are nearby tall buildings or trees obstructing the sun’s rays?

You need to take into account these factors and more, otherwise, you will not benefit from solar energy.

Another limiting factor is the physical space that you have available for the panels. It will determine the maximum number of units you can purchase.

Energy will only be produced during the day, while the sun is shining directly into the photovoltaics. Depending on your business, however, you may need power in the darker hours of the day. This is where batteries come in. If installed, the energy collected and unused during the day will be stored in the batteries for later use. This configuration can also be used to provide power during blackouts. They increase total costs.

Solar energy is a great way to lower the electricity bills for your commercial building, Before making a decision, it’s recommended that you talk to a professional. They will help you determine if investing in solar power is worth it for you. Thanks to Security Cameras Charlotte for this great article!